The 100 and Betrayal scandalous previews

The 100 and Betrayal scandalous previews - By Mady Sichelstiel Image from
The 100 and Betrayal scandalous previews – By Mady Sichelstiel
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By Mady Sichelstiel

The 100

Premiering mid-season on the CW, “The 100” is about a nuclear Armageddon that renders Earth uninhabitable. Every living thing is destroyed, and the only survivors are astronauts manning twelve space stations; connected together, they become known as the ark. Those survivors tried to keep the human population from becoming extinct, but after 97 years, the ark is dying. One hundred prisoners are covertly sent back to Earth to determine if it could once again support human life. But the ark is no utopian society.

The politics are dirty, the leaders are as corrupt, petty crimes warrant capital punishment and population control is heavily enforced.

Letters and sciences freshman Belinda Li watched the preview said it “looked like a good adventure/survival story and the characters would make the show.”


On the surface, “Betrayal,” premiering on Sept. 29 on ABC, might seem like a traditional sordid love story between two people, both unhappy in their marriages. Sara Hanley and Jack McAllister meet and immediately feel a connection. They try to fight off their feelings but quickly realize that they are soul mates.

Freshman linguistics major Courtney Cooper said she thought, “the show sounded cliché,” but there is much more to this basic plot.

Both Sara’s husband and her lover are successful lawyers, but unfortunate circumstances result in a high-stakes murder trial that force the lovers to conflicting sides. This show takes controversial issues head on, and the illicit love affair is not the only scandal. “Betrayal” exposes crooked lawyers and digs into the image of the mentally challenged in the court system.


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