Jukebox the Ghost to headline at UMD

By Bethany Hooper 

dsc5868 (1)

Jukebox the Ghost will perform this year at the University of Maryland’s annual Back to School Bash, but students have mixed feelings about the school’s performance selection.

Jukebox the Ghost, a pop and indie rock band, is originally from the Washington, D.C. area and got their start in 2003 at George Washington University.

Although the band has a big following, it seems the Jukebox craze hasn’t hit Maryland. With schools like the University of Delaware and Syracuse University bringing in Ed Sheeran and Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, respectively, for their school concerts, many students wonder: why isn’t Maryland hiring bigger acts?

Andi Hubbell, the musical arts director at Student Entertainment Events at the University of Maryland, explained that behind the unknown reputation on campus, Jukebox the Ghost has a lot to offer.

“What we try to push is the fact that we have up and coming performances that are gaining prominence. We want to give students the opportunity to say, ‘I saw that group way back when while they were gaining clout.’” But students around campus had varying views about this year’s performance selection.

“I was kind of surprised that [the band] was somebody I didn’t know,” said senior journalism and Germanic studies major Zachary Mellen. “I would have expected that I have at least heard of the band.”

On a more positive note, senior chemistry major Erin Norcross sees a smaller act as having the opportunity to broaden their musical horizons. She said, “I think it’s cool that [SEE] always have a lot of different artists come to campus that are free or very cheap . . . It is a great way to find new music.”

Whether or not students agree on SEE’s decision to bring Jukebox the Ghost to perform at Maryland, the concert is guaranteed to draw a crowd because, according to SEE, the band has sold out in past performances.

“We have generally gotten a positive reaction [to the band]. There are diehard fans here, and [Jukebox the Ghost] is a likeable band,” Hubbell said. “I think that naysayers should give the music a chance—maybe check out a YouTube video. We think these are genuinely talented acts that will put on a great show. Every song has to be heard for the first time. Maybe your first time could be at an awesome, live event.”

Jukebox the Ghost will perform Sept. 19 at 7:30 p.m. in the Grand Ballroom in the Stamp Student Union. Tickets are available at umdtickets.com.

Photo property of jukeboxtheghost.com 


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