DOTS Revokes Allowance of Parking Ticket Appeals

By Amanda Eisenberg

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On-campus parking tickets are more prevalent than ever because the Department of Transportation Services will no longer offer appeals for parking violations, according to sophomore Laurel Fresquez, a representative from the university student judiciary appellate board.

The USJ looks at appeals from non-academic cases, and typically receives appeals regarding parking tickets.

“DOTS can deny the appeal, void the ticket or reduce the price,” said the Fresquez, a classics major. “If you didn’t like that [ruling], you could appeal a second time to us.”

Many students, including Cloe Buzan, a senior broadcast journalism major, are unaware of the appeals process.

Buzan parked outside of Cole Field House on Campus Drive, and the front of her car was “six inches to a foot” over the line. According to Buzan, a DOTS employee issued her a $50 ticket for technically being in two spots.

“We’re students. What happens if class runs five minutes late or you need to stay after class to talk to a professor?” Buzan said. “I feel like DOTS’ main concern is making money.”

Junior chemistry and secondary education major Allison Kipping cheers every time she reaches her car and sees there isn’t a ticket waiting for her.

“Even though I know parked legally, it’s still a relief to see I didn’t get a ticket,” Kipping said.

The mass amounts of tickets are an indicator of a larger problem on campus: students simply don’t know the parking rules. Fresquez explained that when the USJ receives a secondary appeal, it needs to look up the exact rules through DOTS’ parking guide.

“The rules are just as hard for us as they are for the people getting tickets,” said Fresquez.

With the change in the appeal process, the USJ loses the majority of its clients.

With the uncertainty of the need for the student appellate board looming, Fresquez hopes that the expanded student code of conduct will cause students to appeal to the appellate board for other incidents.


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