All Aboard the Overall Train

All aboard the overall train – By Mikayla Baiocchi

As evidenced by Instagram, People StyleWatch and our very own University of Maryland campus, overalls have come back and seem to be here to stay.

Overalls have transcended time and place, appearing on females, British factory workers in the 1900’s, middle-class American industrialists in the 1920’s and the pages of Vogue and Glamour in the 1980s and 1990s.

Now, in a new century, overalls are found in the closets of budding fashionistas and style-conscious hipsters.

The sudden reappearance of the denim one-piece has naturally ignited both discontent and thrill among young adults.

Megan Gehret, a freshman government major, boasted very little surprise when it comes to acknowledging the resurgence of these dynamic dungarees. “Fashion trends always repeat themselves; this sudden re-popularization of overalls was bound to happen at some point,” said Gehret. NSYNC and the Fresh Prince sported them in the 1990s, but will Gehret sport them in the 2010’s? “I’m neutral,” Gehret said.

Alana Pedalino, a freshman multi-platform journalism major, found herself heavily in favor of this recurring trend: “I think they’re an awesome transition piece for Autumn. Very Madewell chic, especially when cuffed and/or paired with ankle boots.” Turns out, Pedalino’s interpretation of how overalls should be worn nowadays has proven to be accurate.

If one were to search “overalls” on the popular, cornerstone fashion website Forever21, the results would be endless. However, one thing is not included on the results page: the trademark overalls that are long and made out of denim that were staples to any child of the 90s.

While those overalls are still attainable, the 21st century has noticeably put a spin on the one piece. Now, overalls come with shorts or skirts attached instead of pants and they are patterned with flowers, gingham, or polka dots instead of the original bare denim.

Furthermore, overalls now aren’t only made out of denim. Kayla Wiley, a freshman journalism major, supported this evolution: “All of our jeans are patterned; it makes it more exciting.”

And if patterns aren’t enough, you can buy them in polyester, cotton, or corduroy, with the iconic steel buttons attached or no buttons at all..

With one strap unbuckled and a light tank or crop top underneath, overalls of any variety form the trend that has taken on in its resurgence. Social media outlets show that people who like to sport this trend tend to pair it with a pair of white converse and a necklace or two.

Overalls have evolved over time and are now in the closets of people everywhere and on fashion websites worldwide. Like it or not, it seems as though the overall trend is here to stay.


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